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10D premade mega volume fans has two of the most common curves today are C and D. With 0.05mm thickness and 9 to 15mm length, help technicians in the profession unleash choice. At the same time, the product also brings the advantages of shortening the eyelash-finishing time significantly.

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1. Information of 7D premade mega volume fans

1.1 Origin

10D pre-made volume fans are imported materials in Korea. Through the skillful hands of the artisans, they have produced a product that is elaborate and thorough with high precision. Currently, Hani Beauty company is providing a large quantity to meet the needs of eyelash extensions.

1.2 Highlights of 10D Premade fans

10D pre-made fan eyelashes are made up of 10 fibers bunched into a cluster that shares the same root. Besides, the flare part creates a natural and very beautiful effect. This product is supplied by Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name 10D Premade fans
Material Soft Silk Lashes
Curvature C and D
Length 9 to 15mm
Thickness 0.05mm
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 10 strands of equal length
Box type

Type 1: 500 fans only have D curvature

Type 2: 1000 full curvature fans

1.3 Uses

  • Creates a thick set of lashes.
  • Shorten the time it takes to complete a set of lashes.
  • Supporting eyelash extensions skills for novices, amateurs, and professionals.
  • Specialized in Mega Volume extension technique.

1.4 Strengths

  1. Fan feet are very small.
  2. Part fan spread evenly.
  3. Black eyelashes, easy to glue.
  4. Does not cause allergy, heavy.
  5. Products are made 100% by hand.
  6. Each box more than 1000 fans for long-term, economical use.

2. Usage

  • Use curvature C for customers who prefer a little curvature, curvature D for customers who prefer more curvature.
  • Use as much as you need to fans to avoid fans flying around, difficult to pick up and pick up.
  • Use for customers who want to own thick lashes, impressive eyes.

3. Instructions for storage

  • After using the fan, the leftover eyelashes should be placed in the box neatly and covered.
  • Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from sources of fire.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

4. Frequently asked questions

Do 10D eyelashes really lose eyelashes when they are connected?

In fact, the number of eyelashes on a 10D fan is 10 fibers bunched together into a cluster that shares the same root. However, the thickness of the eyelashes is only 0.05mm super thin. Therefore, when using it completely does not affect as well as lose real eyelashes of customers.

Does Hani Beauty Company accept to process pre-made Mega volume fans to customers?

It is easy to see that the beauty needs of the sisters are on the rise. This means that the tools and accessories for the eyelash industry will also be consumed faster. In order to satisfy and support all brothers and sisters in the profession of eyelash extensions, Hani Beauty company receives the processing of fan eyelashes available upon request.

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