3D Camellia Premade fans

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Camellia is known as a staggered line of fan lashes. Products are directly produced by Hani Beauty company with 3 types: 3D, 4D and 5D. From there, you will have more choices to meet the beauty needs of customers

1. Product Information

 1.1 Origins

Camellia is the staggered eyelash line including 3D, 4D, 5D provided by Hani Beauty company. Products are processed completely by hand to ensure high accuracy. At the same time, each fan of eyelashes achieves sophistication, when connected to be as beautiful as real eyelashes.

1.2 Highlights

Camellia, also known as staggered eyelashes, has strands of different lengths and lengths. Accordingly, eyelashes are made up of 3 strands, 4 strands or 5 fibers bunched into a bunch. Best of all, with the top spread evenly, 2 strands on both sides are 2mm longer than the ddle yarn, the main size is large size
Basic specifications/features 

Product's name Fan 3D
Material Soft Silk Eyelashes
Curvature C, CC, D, U
Length 8 to 17mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Colour Black
Number of lashes on fan 3 strands of different lengths and lengths
Characteristics 2 strands on both sides are 2mm longer than the ddle thread, the main size is large size

1.3 Uses

Shorten eyelash extensions time for workers
Bring natural effects suitable for eyelash extension techniques Black Rose
Increase beauty effect
Suitable for all eye shapes

1.4 Strengths

Fan lashes spread evenly at the top, the fan base is extremely small
Smooth, soft and silky
eyelashes Black eyelashes, easy to glue, non-irritating, not heavy
The eyelashes are made by hand-made fans
Each box contains more than 1000 fan

2. Usage

Use tweezers to take the fan out of the box.
3D staggered fan should be used for customers who like natural
4D and 5D staggered fan for customers who prefer a little more natural
Use curvature C for customers who like less curvature, Curvy D for customers who like it a lot.
Use as much as you can get fans

3. Care instructions

Leftovers should be put in a box and tightly closed.
Keep away from sources of fire because it is very flammable.
Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

4. Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Camellia 3D, 4D and 5D?

Camellia 3D has 3 stalks with different lengths and short, bunched into a bunch
Camellia 4D has 1 more stalk than
Camellia 3D  Camellia 5D has 1 more stalk than Camellia 4D

Why use Camellia without worrying about being heavy, bulky, itchy?

Camellia has many advantages, so it has become the choice of knowledgeable workers, specifically:
Ultra-thin thickness of only 0.07mm
The fan base is extremely small, not heavy, thick
material imported from Korea says “no” to irritation

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