3D Premade volume fans

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  • 3D premade fans (C D 0.07 8 - 15mm)
  • Curvature: C, D
  • Length: 8 - 15mm
  • Thickness: 0.07
  • Color: black
  • Number of eyelashes per fan: 3
  • Number of fans in a box: 1000 fans
  • Does not cause allergy lash fast glue

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3D premade volume fans are handcrafted with tiny glue pins. This product is great support for novices, amateurs, and professionals. Moreover, you also shorten the time to complete a set of eyelashes to the maximum.

1. 3d premade fans product information

1.1 Origin

Usually, the mechanic can use a fresh fan in the process of applying the eyelashes for the client. However, this job takes a lot of time and makes it difficult for new workers. Therefore, using pre-existing fan eyelashes has become an effective solution to speed up completion and support new workmanship.
3D pre-made volume fans imported from Korea by hand manufactured by Hani Beauty company. From there, ensuring the accuracy, meticulousness, and sophistication through each fan, even the smallest. With a variety of curvatures, thicknesses, and lengths, you can freely choose the right product.

1.2 Highlights

3D fan eyelashes are created from 3 fibers bunched into a cluster that shares the same root. Besides, the flare part creates a natural and very beautiful effect. This product is supplied by Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product name 3D premade fans
Material Soft silk eyelashes
Curvature C and D
Length 8 to 14mm
Thickness 0.07mm and 0.10mm
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 3 strands of equal length

1.3 Uses

Shorten the extension time for the mechanic
Support new workers who do not know how to create fans
For a natural effect that matches the Black Rose eyelash technique
Increase beauty effect

1.4 Strengths

  1. Fan of eyelashes are spread out evenly at the tops, the fan legs are extremely small.
  2. Lashes are smooth, soft, and silky.
  3. Black eyelashes.
  4. Easy to catch glue.
  5. No allergies.
  6. Does not cause heavy, stealing.
  7. Staggered effect suitable for all eye shapes.
  8. The eyelashes are hand-made by hand
  9. Each box holds more than 1000 fans

2. Usage - volume eyelash extension

Use tweezers to remove the eyelash line from the box
Align lashes within reach for easier access and quicker work
Should use 3D eyelash fan for customers who like nature
Use curvature C for customers who prefer a little curvature, curvature D for customers who prefer more curvature
Use as much as you need to fans to avoid fans flying around, difficult to pick up and pick up.

3. Instructions for storage

  • After using, fan left eyelashes should put in the box neatly and cover.
  • Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from sources of fire.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

4. Frequently asked questions

Should we use fan eyelashes when the Tet holiday is approaching?

As you know the fan eyelashes available help shorten the implementation time by half compared to creating a fresh fan. At the same time, they also give great support to new skills that do not know how to create fans. Therefore, this is definitely a product that any worker should use when the Tet holiday is approaching.

Should the eyelashes be placed in the eye sockets and tail of the eye so that they do not fall?

In fact, the eye sockets and the tail of the eyes are two difficult positions to do but determine the success of the entire work. Therefore, you need to place the eyelash fan so that it is perpendicular to the actual eyelashes of the client. Accordingly, the rule would be:
In the middle: put the eyelash straight up
Tail: Tilt the eyelash towards the ear
Eye socket part: tilting false eyelash towards nose wing

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