3D Premade fans volume U Curl

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Fan 3D curved U share one leg, spread top, linked together by eyelash glue. Products are completely handcrafted by skilled artisans. From there, ensuring sharpness, aesthetics as well as increasing beauty efficiency.

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The 3D fan line helps the craftsman complete the set of lashes in just 20 to 30 nutes. Therefore, customers do not have to wait too long to receive results. At the same time, workers also increase sales quickly.

In particular, 3D fan combined with U curvature (curvature about 60 degrees) provides a super curved effect. Each customer's flash exudes immense aura, adorning radiant beauty. This is an indispensable product in the eyelash extensionist's toolbox.

fan 3D curved U is beco ng the first choice of many eyelash extensions. All thanks to the advantages that are superior to other products on the market. As follows:

Basic Specifications/Features 

Product's name

Fan 3D cong U


Soft Silk Eyelashes




8 to 17mm


0.07mm and 0.10mm



Number of lashes on fan

3 strands of equal length


  • Create a set of moderate thickness, attractive effect.
  • Shorten eyelash extension time, increase worker productivity.
  • Fixes straight, bent, thin eyelashes.
  • Suitable even for thin, weak lashes.
  • Skill support for new workers.


  • The line of fan eyelashes is made by experienced and knowledgeable workers.
  • Black eyelashes, soft, non-irritating, easy to catch glue.
  • Fan lashes spread evenly, fan's feet are smooth and smooth.
  • Each box has more than 1000 fans, it is allowed to return when the fan error is more than 30%.
  • The product is a good support for workers who do not know how to create fans and cannot create fans.
  • Diverse parameters, meeting the needs of a large number of eyelash extensions.
  • The price is commensurate with the quality.


  • Used for customers who like to own glitter eyes, want to improve the curvature of real eyelashes.
  • Before use, prepare a sufficient number of fans for the splicing process.
  • It is recommended to arrange the fans in paper tape for easier access and faster connection.

Storage instructions

  • Always close the lid of the fan box to prevent dust and water from entering.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
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