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4D ready-made fan eyelashes are imported by Hani Beauty company and handcrafted from Korea. Under the skillful hands of each craftsman, each fan is created evenly. At the same time, the fan's feet are closed together, tight, not causing heavy, stinging, itching for customers

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

4D ready-made fan eyelashes are known as products directly manufactured and distributed by Hani Beauty. Accordingly, the brothers and sisters in the profession will improve the speed of eyelash extensions compared to creating fresh fans. At the same time, well meeting the beauty needs of many customers.
Moreover, with imported Silk eyelashes from Korea, it is guaranteed to be benign. From there, it will not cause stinking, itching or any discomfort for customers. Up to now, many brothers and sisters in the profession have given absolute confidence to the company.

1.2 Highlights

4D fan eyelashes are made up of 4 strands bunched into a cluster that shares the same root. Accordingly, the tops are spread evenly and the legs are tight and tight. This product is provided by the company Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name 4d Lashes
Material Soft Silk Lashes
Curvature C and D
Length 8 to 14mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 4 strands of equal length

1.3 Uses

Half the time it takes to complete a client's eyelash extension compared to creating an eyelash fan.
Meet the needs of customers well when wanting to make a natural eyelash
Fix thin, thin lashes
Support for new skills to create fans

1.4 Strengths

The eyelash material is benign, does not cause irritation, does not cause heavy weight
Super black eyelashes help the worker quickly
Easy to catch glue
Staggered effect suitable for all eye shapes
The eyelashes are hand-made by hand
Each box holds more than 1000 fans

2. Usage

Use tweezers to remove the line lashes out of the box
Get a sufficient amount of fans to use in the connecting process
Do not use fan eyelashes while the fans are on because they easily make them fly around
Should use 4D fan eyelashes for customers who like nature
Use curvature C for customers who prefer a little curvature, curvature D for customers who prefer more curvature

3. Instructions for storage

Fan lashes should be stored in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight
Do not place fan eyelashes near the source of fire as the material is very flammable
Keep out of reach of children

4. Frequently asked questions

4D fan eyelashes differ from 3D fan eyelashes?

In fact, 4D fan eyelashes are available with more 4D more than 01 eyelash than 3D fan eyelashes. Both of these can be used for clients who prefer natural eyelash extensions. Each fan is guaranteed a reasonable spread that will surely support all skills from novices, amateurs and professionals.

Why is there more than 1000 fan per box manufacturer?

In fact, it's hard to avoid bad fans during the manual machining process. Therefore, the producer has "deducted" for customers by increasing the number of fan eyelashes. Specifically, each box will have about 1010 or 1020 fans, so customers are completely assured of this.

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