4D Premade fans volume U Curl

4D Premade fans volume U Curl
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Fan 4D curved U is a quality product created by rigorous process. Typically, the workers have worked hard, meticulously, and elaborated on each fan. At the same time, Silk eyelash material imported from Korea ensures no irritation, soft, smooth, good glue.

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Therefore, when using this product, eyelash extensions will shorten the time to complete the set of eyelashes. Meanwhile, the sharp effect is not inferior to that of creating a fresh fan. This helps the beauty process to be fast and highly effective.

In addition, 4D U-curvature eyelashes (curved about 60 degrees) help customers improve straight eyelashes. At the same time, sad eyes are also quickly "makeover" to become more sparkling.

fan 4D curved U is not only beautiful on the outside but also quality from the inside. This has become the first choice of many brothers and sisters in the profession. Although there are countless other si lar products on the market.

Basic Specifications/Features 

Product's name

Fan 4D cong U


Soft Silk Eyelashes




8 to 17mm


0.07mm and 0.10mm



Number of lashes on fan

4 strands of equal length


  • Meet the beauty needs of customers: improve straight eyelashes, thin, sad eyes,
  • Technical support for new workers who do not know how to create fans or cannot create fans.
  • Support amateur, professional workers when promoting quick beauty time.
  • Suitable for most customers by diverse parameters.
  • Giving customers the feeling of joining without joining because of the "ultra-thin" thickness.
  • Specialized in volume eyelash extension technique.


  • Compact packaging with transparent plastic box.
  • There are more than 1000 fans in each box, use sparingly.
  • Return and exchange if the fan error is more than 30%.
  • Fast delivery, good price.
  • Ensure the quality of each fan: the top is spread evenly, the legs are tight, easy to catch glue.


  • Usage period: 1 year.
  • Manipulation of taking fans: Pick up each fan and put it on paper tape for easy access and connection for guests.
  • Get the glue: Hold all the fans' hands, put the glue so that the dew drops, connect up.

Storage instructions

  • Keep the fan box in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid places with high temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
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