5D Premade volume fans

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5D premade fans directly produced and distributed worldwide by Hani Beauty company. This product has become a powerful tool for you in the profession. Because of the exact number of fans, the material is soft and smooth, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete a set of eyelashes.


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1. Information of product 5D premade fans

1.1 Origin

Instead of spending a lot of time creating new fans, why don't you use 5D fan eyelashes right away? With its experience and knowledge, Hani Beauty has produced a quality product line. Accordingly, each eyelash is imported through the official channel from Korea, so it is safe.
And yet, the 5D fan artisans have all skillful hands, obeying each action. Therefore, all fans are created spread out, the legs are tight, the amount of glue is just enough. Therefore, when using, you just need to add a little glue to ensure that it is not rough or stained.

1.2 Highlights of 5D premade volume fans

5D premade volume fans available are created from 5 strands bunched into a cluster with the same root. Accordingly, the top of the fan is spread evenly, the fan leg is sure, tight, ensuring no deviation. This product is supplied by Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name

5D premade volume fans
Material Soft Silk Lashes
Curvature C and D
Length 8 to 14mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 5 strands of equal length

1.3 Uses

  • Help the mechanic to get the extensions faster.
  • Creates a natural effect on the client's eyes.
  • Ensuring 4 standards to have a perfect eyelash look: Beautiful, Safe, Durable, Fast

1.4 Strengths

  1. Each box has more than 1000 fans for a long and economical use.
  2. Fan eyelashes make sure to spread evenly at the tops, snugly on the legs.
  3. Smooth, soft, and smooth eyelashes create a natural effect.
  4. Super black eyelashes are both quick to work and easy to glue.
    The benign Silk eyelash material does not cause irritation, tearing, itching.
  5. Staggered effect suitable for all eye shapes

2. Usage

  • Use tweezers to remove the line lashes out of the box.
  • Use paper tape for the fan lashes on it for easy alignment.
  • Should use 5D fan eyelashes for customers who prefer natural or a little more natural.
  • Use curvature C for customers who prefer a little curvature, curvature D for customers who prefer more curvature.
  • After taking the fan, you should put the lid on the box to avoid sneezing and make fans fly wild.

3. Instructions for storage

Do not let your fan come into contact with water or a humid environment.
Leaving the fan under direct sunlight also causes the eyelashes to fade and lose their adhesion.
Best to store in a dry, cool, out of reach of children.

4. Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the 5D Premade Lash Extensions Fans and the 4D ?

Just hearing the name can tell the difference between the two types of fan eyelashes available. Accordingly, the available 5D fans with 01 more eyelashes than the available 4D fans. Whatever parameters are used, it will save you time in finishing and create natural effects.

How to get glue when using the eyelashes to ensure durability?

When using available fans, you should get glue with dewdrops to ensure durability. Accordingly, you tilt the fan at an angle of about 45 degrees, gently rotate the fan in the glue, and slowly lift it up. Hand strength needs to be stable, act decisively to get the best results.

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