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6D pre-made fan eyelashes are handcrafted by artisans with ingredients imported from Korea. Products produced by Hani Beauty company and supplied directly to customers. Therefore, to limit the situation of fake goods, counterfeit goods, and poor quality goods

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Are you having problems creating fans and the connection speed is too slow? These limitations will completely disappear when you use the 6D line of fan lashes provided by Hani Beauty. Each fan is pre-made by artisans to ensure aesthetics and long-term durability.

1.2 Highlights

6D pre-made fan eyelashes are made up of 6 fibers bunched into a cluster that shares the same root. Besides, the flare part creates a natural and very beautiful effect. This product is supplied by Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name 6D pre-made fan eyelashes
Material Soft Silk Lashes
Curvature C and D
Length 8 to 15mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 6 strands of equal length

1.3 Uses

An effective solution for those who do not know how to create fans
Creates a thick set of lashes that gives a special highlight to the eyes
Save time completing a set of eyelashes for the mechanic
Overcoming the disadvantages of damaged, sparse, sad eyes

1.4 Strengths

Eyelashes are imported through official import from Korea
Soft, smooth lashes create a natural effect
Easy to catch glue
No allergies
Does not cause heavy, stealing
Staggered effect suitable for all eye shapes
The eyelashes are hand-made by hand
Each box holds more than 1000 fans

2. Usage

Use the tweezers to pick up enough fans to use
Gently pick up each fan and dab the glue and attach it to the client
Remember it by writing curvature, thickness, length, and curvature for easy finding and use

3. Instructions for storage

Do not allow children to play with or hold the fan box
Keep away from damaging agents such as wet environment, high temperature
Should be kept in a dry, cool place, cover tightly

4. Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the 6D fans and the 5D fans?

6D fans will have 1 more eyelash than 5D fans. Moreover, when using 6D pre-installed fan lashes, it will create a special highlight for the eyes. Conversely, if you use 5D pre-installed fans, it can only create a natural effect.

If I get too much glue on my fan, how can I fix it?

In fact, if the worker takes too much glue when using fan, it is easy for customers to steal. Therefore, you need to take glue evenly to ensure durability and beauty for the work. At the same time, you can use a sponge to remove the glue to overcome the phenomenon of accidentally taking too much glue.

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