6D Premade fans volume U Curl

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fan 6D curved U helps the worker create a set of thick and bold eyelashes but does not take too much time. Above all, customers can also overcome sparse eyelashes, sad eyes effectively. With outstanding advantages, you should own the product today.

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In fact, using built-in fans in general and 6D fans in particular brings a lot of benefits. Products with diverse parameters should meet the needs of workers. At the same time, they also support skills for novices, amateurs, professionals and can't create fans.

In addition, the 6D fan's U-curvature (curved about 60 degrees) helps to improve "super straight" lashes. Instead, the eyes become big and round, glittering, adorning the beauty more radiant.

fan 6D curved U is one of the products that sway the beauty market. The product has its own advantages, special materials confirm the excellent quality:

Basic Specifications/Features 

Product's name

Fan 6D cong U


Soft Silk Eyelashes




8 to 17mm


0.07mm and 0.05mm



Number of lashes on fan

6 strands of equal length


  • Create a set of thick eyelashes for the client.
  • The craftsman does not take too long to complete a set of eyelashes.
  • Improves the condition of sparse, straight, downward eyelashes.
  • Remove deep, protruding, slanted, saggy eyes.
  • Skill support for all subjects when working.


  • More than 1000 fans in each box.
  • 3 to 5 clients can be used depending on the connection type.
  • The thickness of 0.05mm and 0.07mm is super thin, not heavy for the eyelashes.
  • Returns and exchanges if it is found that fans are more than 30% defective.
  • imported from Korea is soft, smooth, silky, non-irritating.
  • Suitable for customers with sensitive terrain.
  • Fan eyelashes spread evenly, the legs are gathered to meet quality standards.


  • Only use the fan box from 12 months back.
  • Always prepare a sufficient number of fans before connecting, close at hand.
  • Arrange the fans on paper tape so that you don't have to "find" the fans in the box.
  • Take all fan hands, dip in glue and hook up for customer.

Storage instructions

  • Do not let dirt and water fall into the fan box.
  • Always store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
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