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7d ready-made fan eyelashes are made by artisans at Hani Beauty with high precision. Accordingly, each fan's eyelashes have their tops spread evenly, the tight legs are extremely thin and light. Therefore, when used for customers, it does not cause staining or pressure on real eyelashes

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

In fact, creating a fan is the most "arduous" process for every worker. However, these difficulties will quickly be overcome when you use 7D fan eyelashes. This is also a product that professional artisans believe in using all time.
7D ready-made fan eyelashes directly produced by Hani Beauty company with high meticulousness and precision. We import raw materials in Korea so we ensure safety, say no to irritation. Therefore, brothers and sisters in the profession can completely rest assured about this product.

1.2 Highlights

3D fan eyelashes are created from 3 fibers bunched into a cluster that shares the same root. Besides, the flare part creates a natural and very beautiful effect. This product is supplied by Hani Beauty with the following typical parameters:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name 7d ready-made fan eyelashes
Material Soft Silk Lashes
Curvature C and D
Length 8 to 15mm
Thickness 0.07, 0.05
Color Black
Number of eyelashes on fans 7 strands of equal length

1.3 Uses

Support new workers who do not know how to create fans
Suitable for all skills
Shorten the time it takes to complete a set of lashes significantly
Gives thick, concealer lashes
Use when guests' real lashes are damaged, bald, or sparse

1.4 Strengths

Help the mechanic create a thick lashes in a short time
Soft, benign eyelash material
Super black eyelashes, easy to catch glue
High precision, meticulousness, accuracy to every distance
The eyelashes are 100% handcrafted
Each box has more than 1000 fans for long-term use

2. Usage

It is recommended to use 7D available fan lashes when customers want a thick, bold set of eyelashes to overcome defects
C curvature should be used for those who prefer a little curvature
Use curvature D for those who prefer a lot of curvature

3. Instructions for storage

Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
Do not keep close to the fire source, do not expose your fan to the sun
Preserved in dry, cool place

4. Frequently asked questions

How is the eyelash of a 7D fan different from that of a 6D fan?

Compared to fans with 6D available, fans with 7D have more eyelashes than 1 piece. However, both types are used for customers who like to create accents on their eyes. At the same time, the product also effectively overcomes the disadvantages of thin eyelashes and sad eyes.

Why should only a small number of fans pick up each time they get a fan?

In fact, each eyelash fan has a very small weight. That is why, when we take too much, we cannot use it up, it can easily make fans fly. From there, it is very difficult to pick, pick and use.

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