Auto-Fan Easy Fan Volume Lash Extensions Tray

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Why should you choose smart fan lashes to make fan volume?

  • Special eyelash styles for eyelash extensions technicians who were previously unable to create  fancier lashes.
  • Smart fan lashes make it easy to create fans volume lashes with just a few simple steps.
  • Super convenient, fast and tangle-free eyelash extensions.


Parameter selection guide


  Curl Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Char C, D 007 or 0,07mm 8 -> 15 and mix size
C is moderate curvature, D is much curvature 1. Maximum thickness of lashes volume
2. Average thickness of lashes

Eyelash boxes will have the same size and length

depending on the properties selected by the customer.

Particularly, the mix box will be full from 8 to 15.


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