Volume B Curl Lashes

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Volume B curl lashes - hypoallergenic, quick glues
B curvature (abut 45 degrees) with straight lashes, curl slightly at the endpoint. Specialized product for lower eyelash extensions as well as according to customer requirements. Invite you to explore now to know why this line is so popular!

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1. Information of product Volume B Curl Lashes

1.1 Origin

Volume B Curl Lashes imported 100% from Korea and distributed at Hani Beauty company. Owning this product you will get beautiful work, work faster, and ensure durability. Therefore, you should buy it today to become a professional artist.

1.2 Highlights

Choosing curvature B lashes will not disappoint you with a variety of lines in thickness, length, curvature. Specifically:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name Volume Volume B Curl Lashes
Origin South Korea
Material Artificial lashes
Curvature Curvature B with straight lashes curves slightly at the endpoint
Length From 8 - 12mm
Thickness 0.12mm
Color Super black, no blue, no gray


Curvature B lashes give gentle curl for natural-looking lashes.
Straight, slightly curled lashes at the endpoint look like real lashes.
Suitable for the lashes of most customers.

There are so many reasons why we love the B Curl lash! First and foremost, it is a beautiful option for clients that want natural-looking lashes with a bit more oomph!
We have clients that want full glam and those who want barely-there natural extensions. Then, we have clients who fall smack in the middle (our B Curl lash lovers).

Strength of Volume B Curl Lashes

  1. Soft lashes, non-allergenic for customers.
  2. No lashes, no broken tops.
  3. Soft lashes, easy to create fans.
  4. Extremely absorbent.
  5. There are 16 lashes, light lashes, but definitely helps to get lashes quickly.
  6. Moderately pointed lashes.
  7. International standard curvature, thickness, length.

2. Usage

  • Fix your lashes on a marble or silicone pad.
  • Gently use tweezers to separate one eyelash from the others.
  • Should grab from the body of the eyelash for more strength.

3. Instructions for storage

  • Store eyelashes in a cool, dry environment.
  • Clean the line lash holder regularly to remove dirt.
  • When finished, stick the line lashes back in place and cover the box.
  • Do not get close to the fire as eyelashes are easily burned.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who are curvature B eyelashes suitable for?

Curved B lashes are commonly used by artisans to attach lower lashes. At the same time, with moderate curvature, suitable for those who wear glasses who want thick, unobstructed eyelashes.

B Curl is a lash extension with the appearance of a naturally curled lash. The base of this extension is considerably straight like a J Curl; however, has a natural lift at the tip of the lash. The curl is pronounced just enough to set it apart from the J Curl. For this reason, it is the second most natural lash curl available on the market!


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