Classic B Curl Lashes

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Classic B Curl Lashes (0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15) is known to be a high-end product used by many eyelash extensionrs. You can use it to connect Classic, Volume quickly, conveniently. These have also become the most successful beauty techniques today.

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Classic B Curl Lashes is contained in a compact and convenient plastic container. You can easily take it anywhere to serve your customers' beauty needs. At the same time, with this design also improves the professionalism of the worker.

In particular, Double Fast tray lashes have a B(Curve about 45 degrees) straight lashes, bending slightly at the end, creating a gentle lift. Therefore, it is suitable for customers who like natural eyelash extensions.


Classic B Curl Lashes – Thick (0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15) is a product provided by Hani Beauty Company. We import directly from Korea with high quality, reasonable price. Above all, many brothers, sisters, sisters, in the profession are also conquered by the following outstanding advantages:

Basic specifications/characteristics

Product name

Classic B Curl Lashes – Thick(0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15)


Soft Silk




8 to 18mm


0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm



Line number

16 line mi is mixed with different lengths.


  • The main material for creating a thick, black lashes.
  • Meet the beauty needs of customers from natural to edgy.
  • Assist the craftsman in completing the lashes quickly by striking blackness.
  • Eliminate the guilt for customers about short, not smooth lashes.
  • Overcome the condition of one eyelid, helping the look more glitter.


  • Each lashes tray consists of 16 line lashes with a sturdy base.
  • Natural black lashes, non-irritating, easy to glue.
  • You, no babysitters, easy to get, easy to pick up.
  • Parameters are fully gone on the box cover to avoid confusion.
  • Enhance the professionalism of the craftsman with transparent box design.
  • Return it if you notice a product failure.


  • Take the glue from the root up to about 2mm to 3mm so that the dewdrops are deposited and join the real lashes.
  • The thickness of 0.07mm is suitable for the common volume lashes from 3D - 7D.
  • The thickness of 0.10mm is suitable for Classic eyelash extensions and 2D - 3D natural volume extensions.
  • The thickness of 0.12mm is suitable for Classic eyelash extensions, creating beauty as eyelash curls.
  • The thickness is 0.15mm for classic eyelash extensions.

Storage guide

  • Always cover the box when not in use.
  • Leave the place dry, airy, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
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