Classic D Curl Lashes

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Classic D Curl Lashes black color, a variety of lengths from 8mm-18mm, suitable for many customers. The product has a curvature of 0.07 0.10, 0.12, 0.15 to help eyelash workers easily find the superior solution, helping the eyes impress, have depth.

Classic D Curl Lashes

  • Curvature : C
  • Length : 8 - 15 mm
  • Thickness: 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15
  • Color: black
  • Hypoallergenic
  • You catch glue quickly.

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Classic D Curl Lashes have a black color, a variety of lengths from 8mm-17mm, suitable for many customers. The product has curvature C, D to help eyelash workers easily find the superior solution, help the eyes impress, have depth.


1. Product information

 1.1 Origin

Ready-made Classic eyelashes are 100% imported from Korea. The product is distributed exclusively by Hani Beauty, which is currently becoming the most popular ready-made eyelashes today.

1.2 Outstanding Features

Choosing Classic Hani Beauty will not disappoint you with a variety of lines in thickness, length, curvature. Concrete:
Basic specifications/characteristics:

Product name Classic Hani Beauty Eyelashes
Origin South Korea
Material It's faux -mink. I.e. eyelashes are made from fake mink hair, light, high strength, brighter than silk lashes and very natural.
D (60 degree curved, curved): for guests who like to curve a lot.
Length From 8 - 15mm
Thickness There are three types:
0.10: For guests who like natural style, super light, very weak lashes.
0.12: for guests who like natural style, weak eyelashes.
0.15: For Chau u guests, like bold lashes, have hard, strong eyelashes.
Colour Black

1.3 Uses

  1. The material used for the technique of connecting a false lashes combines a real fiber.
  2. Create soft, natural, light lashes.
  3. Help the eyes more attractive, impressive, harmonious face.
  4. Maintain the beauty of the lashes for as long as you like.

1.4 Strengths

  • 100% imported from Korea.
  • Super light, super durable, super natural.
  • Catch glue quickly, hypoallergenic.
  • Ensure safety, suitable for Asian style.

2. Usage

  • Clean your face and eye area before your eyelash extensions.
  • Use eye-glued tape to avoid glue that stings the eyes.
  • Classic eyelashes from 1/3 to 1/4 of the false eyelashes, if inserted too close to the tip of tweezers will entangle the eyelashes it is difficult to put the eyelashes in. Long-distance break your head, arm force is uncertain
  • Insert the false eyelashes into the base of the real eyelashes, at least 0.5-1mm from the legs.

3. Storage guidelines

  • Store classic in a dry environment.
  • Store the leftover eyelashes right in a plastic tray.
  • Avoid shoving, strong impact affecting your fans.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

How to get glue when connecting classic lashes?

You need to pay attention to taking glue at about 2mm to 3mm from the root and depending on the real eyelashes of the guest:
+ The guest's lashes are about 10mm long, so take 3.5mm to 4mm glue with large, large fibers.
+ The guest's is about 6mm long, 7mm, 8mm should only take 1mm to 1.5mm very thin.

Why use classic?

Classic creates beautiful, impressive faces, has depth but is very natural. This type is quite suitable for Asian women, preferring a gentle, feminine, discreet style.
In addition, Hani Beauty also offers a variety of mink lashes, eyelashes made from natural silk,.. Lots of options. If this is not the right choice, do not be afraid to explore more at the shop to have the right eyelashes!

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