Dragon Tattoo Sprayer

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  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: The body is made of alloy
  • Origin: Japan
  • Usage: Use lip spray and eyelids


The most difficult job of tattooing workers when entering the profession is to equip themselves with essential tattoo spray tools when working. Choosing the best tattoo sprayer, suitable for the difficult hand, choosing where to buy a tattoo sprayer, cheap, quality is even more difficult. Over 5 years of experience in the distribution field of quality warranty tattoo spray tools, Hani Beauty would like to introduce to you the dragon tattoo sprayer. The machine is trusted by many beauty spas.

Dragon tattoo sprayer is a top modern machine in the line of tattoo sprayers that are sought by many experts and artists in this field. The body is designed with two tones of red and silver to look very luxurious and eye-catching

Men are used in the tattoo spray field, the dragon tattoo sprayer is designed to be delicate, neat, small, very comfortable to use. The body is fully installed with a very advanced system switch on and off.

Dragon tattoo sprayer is a product that possesses many outstanding advantages such as

The needle tip of the machine is designed with an automatic motor, which is flexible, easy to adjust the depth of ink as desired by the worker.

The machine is manufactured with anti-rust alloy, welded, so it is very durable and used

The dragon tattoo sprayer is designed high-end, so it does not make noise, the engine runs very smoothly

Being charged, very durable, does not affect the making process.

Helping the tattoo spray process take place quickly, painlessly

Compact body structure fits hands for the mechanic.

The highest efficiency compared to conventional tattoo sprayers.

Basic parameters of dragon tattoo sprayer

The rotation index of the needle tip is from 25000 to 35000 rpm (button customization on the body).

Can be used for all lengths of 1, 3, 5, 7, and universal nibs.
Long and short correction function for needle tip.
Specialized in eyelid spray and lip spray.

Warranty policy for customers

1 - All tattoo spraying machines sold have been tested in accordance with the correct procedures
2 - One-month warranty for all machines when purchased at Hani Lash & Brow tattoo spraying center

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