Dumont Tweezers Eyelash Extensions

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Dumont Tweezers Eyelash Extensions specializes in classic eyelash extensions with the advantage of the lightweight, sturdy body, the tip of the nose with a slim, slim, and tight nose; high elasticity.

Dumont eyelash tweezers have a standard structure, ensuring slim, neat, slender. The product makes it easy for the lash worker to handle, grabs small eyelashes, and holds them firmly.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Dumont eyelash tweezers are imported from the Middle East. Tweezers have clear documents, ensure the standards, are imported officially by Hani Beauty.
The tool is currently exclusively distributed by Hani Lash and Brow. Tweezers are loved by many eyeliner workers in Vietnam and other countries around the world.

1.2 Highlights

Dumont eyelash tweezers are becoming a trend that many eyelashes and training centers love because:
Basic specifications / characteristics
Design: Tweezers have a design with outstanding bright yellow color, good scratch resistance, and dust resistance.
Tweezers: The nose tweezers are thin, thin, pointed, tight, giving the opportunity to keep the eyelash firmly.
Tweezers Body: The body of the tweezers has horizontal stripes where fingers touch, excellent anti-slip.
Other features: The tweezer tail has stylized Hani Lash and Brow letters and the impressive eye-shaped logo of the Hani Beauty brand is easily identifiable.
Materials: Stainless steel.
Dumont Eyeliner Tweezers help you to grab lashes, fix and hold the beam/lashes.
The tool makes it easy for you to dip the eyelash in the glue.
Connecting fake eyelashes to the base of the eyelash is easy and precise.
Creates new, natural, soft, and dense lashes.
Avoid the phenomenon of lashes, uneven, skewed.
Tweezers imported 100% from the Middle East, handcrafted, sophisticated form.
The tool has many outstanding features, versatile and cost-saving.
Possessing admirable durability, saying no to warping, snug nose, firm hand.

2. Usage

Hold the tweezers firmly, relaxed posture. Make sure that the tweezers are tight, balanced for easy removal of eyelashes.
Use three fingers to hold the tweezers. Specifically, the index finger and thumb hold the tweezers. Use your middle and ring fingers to adjust the tweezers.
Take care to position the appropriate distance from the tip of the tweezers to ensure easy operation.
Clean tweezers properly after using.

3. Instructions for storage

For long-lasting eyelash tweezers, to avoid being skewed, difficult to manipulate, you should note:
Use the specialized towel/cotton swab after finishing extensions.
Avoid the tweezers in contact with water, humid environment causing rust.
Put the tweezers in the protective tray neatly, avoiding strong impact, bending, and damage to them.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who are Dumont eyelash tweezers suitable for?
Dumont Eyelash Extension Tweezers are suitable for all types of eyeliner from beginners or longtime.
Eyelash extensions Dumont used for what type of eyelashes?
This is an option for Classic extensions. Products that help you connect one by one super standard, super beautiful, and simple.
In addition, Hani Beauty also has many other specialized eyelash extensions. Don't forget to connect with us for even better support!

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