Electric Tattoo Machine

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  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: The body is made of plastic
  • Origin: Japan
  • Usage: Use lip spray and eyelids


1. Characteristics

A divine tattoo sprayer is a famous machine in lip and eyelid spray aesthetic that is used by experts all over the world. The difference in structure, engine, the axis of movement ... makes this tattoo spray machine special.

Constructed of plastic, the body of the body tattoo sprayer is very light, convenient, suitable for creating difficult techniques without fear of shaking hands or errors.

2. Features

The divine tattoo sprayer creates good ink particles, does not cause damage to the skin, suitable for both eyebrow spray, lip spray, and eyelid spray. Used to spray the eyebrows is the most beautiful.

Flexibly customize with needle length or machine speed, flexibly use short needles 1, 3, 5, 7.

Another special feature of this high-end divine machine line is its durable, strong, and long-lasting capacity of up to 3 hours that few conventional tattoo sprayers can achieve.

With the advantages of compactness, the machine runs very smoothly, without making noise, and with precise vibration, to support the ink color, making the ink fast and even. Very easy to use.

The divine tattoo sprayer has a name like its special and divine ability that is specialized in difficult techniques such as Ombre, pencil effect, and powdery droplets effect.

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