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This is the fast drying eyelash glue line originating from Korea, imported through official channels, and exclusively at Hani Beauty.

Manufactured from premium ingredients that have been carefully researched from Korean eyelash extensions, medically tested with little skin irritation and no eye irritation.  Extension glue is the right formula for professionals as it is specially designed for them. This eyelash extension glue is all about adhesion as it boasts a quick drying time of about 1 second and sticks for as long as eight weeks.

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❖Usage: Quick-drying eyelash glue, suitable for all classic eyelash styles and volume
❖Adhesive form: Liquid
❖Color: Pink
❖For professional and air-conditioned workers, harsh ❖environments with snow, low humidity, cold, European environment.

Use it to beauty, eyelash ib, eyelash fixer, lash glue adhesive Korea, glue for eyelash extension I beauty, clear eyelash extension glue, eyelash for glue, beauty glue for eyelash extension, the cap for eyelash extension glue, clear eyelash extension. Has a faster and denser drying time. It is recommended to use glue that has fast drying time and low viscosity for pre-made volume lashes. This is because the adhesion parts of pre-made volume lashes are wide and glue can be. Quality management system standards ISO 9001:2008/ks q ISO 9001:2009 Double Fast eyelash extension glue/adhesive has fast drying time 1-1,2 seconds. For professional use only. Perfect choice for professional eyelash extensions artists eyelash extension glue Double Fast is ideal for high skill and fast hand technicians due to its fast drying time. Try it and make sure it is a 100% satisfied high and quality product.

Decent adhesion is a good choice for people with allergies. The pure lash strong professional eyelash extension glue is another powerful glue on our list of the best professional eyelash extension glues. It has a quick-drying speed. A drying time of about 1 second and stick for as long as eight weeks. This makes it the strongest eyelash extension glue in the market. Additionally, it is free of formaldehyde latex which causes allergies. Its presence will guarantee this. Eyelash extension glues that you can buy. These are glues that are easy to use, contain safe ingredients, and have a fast drying time among other great features. I hope you cow have the right information that will help you determine which.

Adhesives in your arsenal for different clients. We have carefully selected the best professional eyelash extension glues for you. How to choose the best professional eyelash eyeliner below are the main things you need to look for to identify.

Glues will help you decide as they all have their own unique properties to fit your unique style. The best eyelash extension glue – perfect solution in 2020 shares when it comes to fashion and beauty, there are so many products that we need to enhance. The quantity that is equal to $qty_dummy$ price: £7.99 lash aesthetics extreme | quick fast drying lash extension glue made in the UK sign in for checkout check out as guest this amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage.

1 Fast Drying Eyelash Glue – Ultra Fast - Product information

1.1 Origin

Double Fast Non-Spicy Eyeliner 100% imported from Korea. Products are currently distributed exclusively by Hani Beauty at home and abroad.
Adhesive certified KC (Korea Certification), ensuring absolute safety for users. This is a line that is especially loved by eyelashes.

1.2 Highlights

Double Fast Non-Spicy Eyelash Glue will best support you to easily create beautiful, trendy, natural, long-lasting eyelashes ... like:
Technical specifications
Packaging design: plastic bottle, pink screw cap, lovely cylinder.
Capacity: 5ml.
Drying time: 0.5s -1s.
Durability: 6-8 weeks.
Humidity: 20-45%

Ingredient Uses
Cyanoacrylate Helps to dry quickly, increases durability.
PMMA or Poly Hydroquinone (Methyl Metacryit) Adhesion instantly, creating adhesion between real and fake lashes.
Hydroquinone Maintains glue quality for longer.
Carbon Black Create natural black color to make eyelashes more eye-catching and attractive.

 1.3 Uses

Double Fast non-spicy eyelash eyeliner is a best seller at Hani Beauty because of the following great useful features:
Increase the adhesion between real and fake eyelashes.
Increases the stiffness of the lashes, reinforces the durability.
Nourishes the lashes, helps the eyelashes smooth, soft, and avoids dryness and loss.

1.4 Strength of Double fast - Fast drying eyelash glue

Double Fast eyelash extensions have many great pluses:

  1. No Latex, Sulfate, Mineral oil, Paraben harmful to health.
  2. Doesn't sting.
  3. Superfast drying speed only from 0.5s -1s.
  4. Eyelas adhesive latex free.

2. Usage

Double Fast non-spicy eyelash extensions will work best when you use them with the following guidelines:

  • Clean makeup, lashes before connecting.
  • Shake the glue well several times to avoid the deposition of nutrients in the glue at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Put 1-2 drops of enough glue into the glue ring.
  • Use tweezers to pick up each eyelash, dab 1/3 of the fiber into the glue.
  • Put fake eyelashes connected to the legs of real eyelashes, at least 0.5-1mm away from the legs.

3. Instructions for storage

To avoid drying, degeneration, you should preserve the glue as follows:

  • Store in an environment with humidity from 35-65%, suitable temperature from 20-28 degrees C.
  • Should be stored in the cooler of the refrigerator (not in the refrigerator).
  • Forehead out of reach of children.


  • Customers who are allergic to cyanoacrylate or formaldehyde cannot use it.
  • The product should not come into contact with spices and other substances.
  • Shake a few times to mix the other ingredients well before joining.
  • Before making eyelashes for guests, please clean the eyelashes, makeup ...

5. Frequently asked questions

Who is Double Fast Non-Spicy Eyeliner suitable for?

Double Fast is suitable for hard-skilled lashes because the glue has a drying speed that is at least 2 times faster than conventional lines.

Who is not suitable for Double Fast?

Customers allergic to Cyanoacrylate or Formaldehyde should not use Double Fast eyelash extensions.
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