King v1 eyelash extension glue

King v1 eyelash extension glue
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Less Spicy Glue Glue. With the advantages of quick-drying (2 -> 3 seconds), high durability (4 -> 6 weeks), suitable in non-cold environments. This glue line is for beginners.

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Use: Slow drying eyelash glue, suitable for all classic eyelash styles and volume
- Adhesive form: Liquid
- Color: Purple
- For beginners and hot and humid weather

King Glue Ve1 - Products exclusively for eyeliner technicians who have just entered the industry
King Glue V1 is a beginner product with slow drying times. Having a glue line suitable for your job will improve your joint speed as well as improve your workmanship. For more information, please read the article below.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

King Glue V1 is processed and imported through the official channel from Korea for distribution at Hani Beauty Company. Acacia is KC (Korea Certification) certified by benign ingredients harmless to the human body. Therefore, you can rest assured to use it for a long time without worrying about anything.

1.2 Highlights

The reason that King Glue Ver1 is loved by many lashers is that it has many excellent basic features such as:
Technical specifications
Packaging design: Compact design with a purple lid, ivory white body. The lid has ribs that make it easy to open as well as tight.
Texture: Liquid.
Capacity: 5ml.
Drying time: 2s to 3s.
Choosing for yourself a line of eyelash extensions suitable for your job is not easy. What's more, you are a newcomer to the beauty industry, it is not easy to make a decision. However, following King Glue V1 products below will bring you a lot of useful knowledge:

Ingredient Uses
Cyanoacrylate Instant adhesion is hypoallergenic, almost odorless
Stabilizers Avoid dry glue, give the best quality.
Hard accelerator Helps prevent the glue from freezing during use
Colorants Bring eyelashes with natural black color, increasing the authenticity of the eyes.
Coagulant Increases the viscosity of the glue, assists the eyeliner to work more easily.


Hani King Glue V1 is a great choice for users. By:
Creates a bond between fake eyelashes and real eyelashes.
Increases the stiffness of the eyelashes, reinforces the durability without making the eyelashes fake, less natural.
Liquid products should overcome the weakness of large glue feet.
Durability from 04 to 06 weeks, making eyelashes soft, thick, and long-lasting.


In addition, the eyelash extension Hani provides also possesses many rare strengths. Therefore, countless products on the market today are still "highlighted" by King Glue V1:
Benign ingredients, less spicy, limits irritation to customers.
Compact design easy to store and carry.
KC certified to ensure absolute safety for users.
The drying times match the beginner's speed of completion.

2. Usage

For King Glue Ver1 to work best, you should use the following instructions:
Need to shake for at least 2 minutes before using to blend all components in the glue. You should let the glue run down all the way to the cap.
Put 1-2 drops of enough glue into the glue ring.
Use tweezers to pick up each eyelash, dot 1/3 of the fiber into the glue.
Put fake eyelashes connected to the legs of real eyelashes, at least from 0.5 to 1mm from the foot.
Cap tighten glue, store properly after eyelash extensions are completed.

3. Instructions for storage

Well-preserved King Glue V1 will help you get soft, natural lashes. So don't forget:
Use a compact, easy-to-carry glue container. At the same time, you should use the rice in a small bag to absorb moisture very well.
Clean the tip of the bottle with A4 paper to clean, never use wet paper towels. Because under the action of water, the components in the glue will be degraded.
King Glue V1 is suitable for hot and humid environments. You should maintain a humidity of between 55 and 70% for maximum effect when applying for extensions
Contraindicated to air-conditioned environments

4. Frequently asked questions

Who is King Glue Ver1 for?

King Glue Ver1 is suitable for beginners because eyelash extensions are not fast. Besides, this product is also for professional workers to use when there are many customers. Because doing many people a day, you can easily get tired of inflexible operations.

What eyelashes are designed to use with King Glue V1?

You can use King Glue Ver1 to combine all eyelashes, Classic and Volume looks great. Also, don't forget to connect with Hani Beauty for your best support!

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