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L75 Eyelash Tweezers

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This L75 tweezers have many uses such as Classic eyelash extensions, Volume 2-3D Eyelash extensions, MEGA VOLUME very fast and accurate;

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic L75 owns a small, light, compact design. Thanks to this, the eyelash worker can easily manipulate the eyelashes accurately, greatly increasing the speed of eyelash extensions. The product possesses a pointed, plaque and tight tweezers that make it easier to remove the eyelashes.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic L75 is the standard eyelash extension tweezers provided by Hani Beauty exclusively on the market. Products made from alloy steel, the surface is carefully processed, absolutely anti-rust.
With a modern production process and appropriate design, Classic L75 is currently chosen by many favorite lashers.

1.2 Highlights

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic L75 will not disappoint you with the following basic features:
Technical specifications
Design: Classic L75 owns a beautiful bright yellow color, increasing the elegance and class of the user. Tweezers body with imprinted words "PROFESSIONAL VOLUME- 6MM- 75o" prominently.
Tweezers length: 6mm.
Tweezers curvature: 75 degrees.
Materials: Stainless steel.
Pick up the lashes from the tray, dip it in the glue, connect the lashes easily.
Pick up multiple eyelashes at the same time.
Easily create fans and connect one or more lashes at the same time.
Prevent the adhesive from spreading to other lashes.
Support eyelash worker to manipulate faster and more accurately.
Tweezers with a slim tip, easy to manipulate.
Thin tweezers nose, good eyelash catch.
Material from stainless steel, shiny, easy to handle, not rust, safe for skin and eyes.
Thin, thin, light less than 20g, supports faster and more accurate eyelash extensions.
High fit, easy lash removal, significantly increasing eyelash extension speed.

2. Usage

Clean eyes, wipe eyelash tweezers with makeup remover or special tools carefully.
Hold the tweezers firmly, relaxed posture. Make sure that the tweezers are tight, balanced for easy removal of eyelashes.
Use three fingers to hold the tweezers. Specifically, the index finger and thumb hold the tweezers. Use your middle and ring fingers to adjust the tweezers.
Take care to position the handle an appropriate distance from the tip of the tweezers to ensure easy operation.

3. Instructions for storage

For long-lasting eyelash tweezers, to avoid being skewed, difficult to manipulate, you should note:
Use the specialized towel / cotton swab after finishing extensions.
Avoid the tweezers in contact with water, humid environment causing rust.
Put the tweezers in the protective tray neatly, avoiding strong impact, bending, and damage to them.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who is Classic L75 Eyelash Extension Tweezers?
Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic L75 is suitable for all eyelashers whether new to the profession or for a long time. The product helps you to shorten the implementation time, increase the speed of eyelash extensions every day.
What types of eyelashes are used for Classic L75?
Classic L75 is for:
Used for Classic eyelash extensions.
2D- 3D eyelash extensions.
Mega Volume extensions.

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