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Lash Primer is also known as an adhesion product specialized in eyelash extensions. When using the mechanic can increase the durability of the eyelashes up to 40%. Therefore, you cannot ignore ownership today.

1. Product information

Lash Primer is with benign ingredients so it is hypoallergenic when used. More than that. This product helps the eyelashes be more durable when removing oil, dandruff on the eyelashes. From there, effectively supports the workmanship as well as maximizes the durability of the eyelashes after connecting.

1.1 Origin

Lash Primer originating from Korea is imported and distributed by Hani Beauty Company. Therefore, you can easily find and buy products at today's websites. At the same time, our quality is always guaranteed, free return and delivery support, domestic and international delivery.

1.2 Highlights

Basic specifications / characteristics

Product name Lash Primer - Increases eyelash adhesion
Origin South Korea

White cylindrical bottle with Hani Lash & Brows logo and product name.

The lid is designed in spray form to easily take the solution with a sufficient amount.

Capacity 100ml

1.3 Uses

Lash Primer is used to remove grease, oil, dandruff on customers' eyelashes.
The equilibrium pH on client lashes is 5.5.
The mineral supplement helps the eyelashes grow healthy, firm, and longer.
Increasing the bond between fake eyelashes and real eyelashes prolongs the durability by up to 40% compared to conventional products.
Increase moisture in eyelashes.

1.4 Strengths

Minimize fracture or breakage of eyelashes.
Suitable for people with weak eyelash muscles.
Fix the condition of damaged eyelashes due to poor quality beauty treatment.
Does not cause eye irritation, does not irritate the skin.

2. Usage

Spray Lash Primer on a cotton swab with the right amount.
Gently apply to the client's lashes. The purpose of this is to open the scale of the actual eyelash, allowing the glue to last longer.
Should be used in conjunction with Protein products for outstanding durability of posterior lashes.

3. Instructions for storage

Preserved in a dry, cool place.

Avoid places with high temperatures as Lash Primer is very volatile.

Do not get close to the eyelash glue as the Lash Primer will react with the glue to make them harden quickly.

4. Frequently asked questions

Do I need to let Lash Primer air dry with eyelash extensions?
In fact, Lash Primer has a highly volatile and volatile chemical composition. Therefore, you do not need to dry but wait for about 10 seconds to be able to apply for the extensions.

Why only get Lash Primer on a cotton swab and not other tools?
Taking Lash Primer on a cotton swab will save you an effective solution. At the same time, you can easily put into the eyes of the client and clean each hair follicle, enhancing the durability.

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