Lip Tattoo Machine

Lip Tattoo Machine
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  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Material: Alloy, stainless
  • There are 5 needles 1, 5 plastic nibs included with the machine
  • Usage: Used to spray lips and eyelids.
  • Electrically charged tattoo sprayer is an indispensable tool for tattooists, tattooists


1. Characteristics

The lip tattoo sprayer is meticulously designed, using an alloy structure to create a very solid, durable body with a very luxurious look. When doing tattoo spraying, I bring you the contours of the tattooist's will.
The working performance of the electrostatic spray tattoo machine is about 4 hours continuously with high particle bounce, so during the beauty process, customers will not have any problems. This machine is easy to handle.
Lip tattoo sprayer certainly has many advantages over conventional tattoo sprayers. The speed of the machine is very good, fast, and strong, flexible customization can adjust the machine speed as desired.

2. Uses

With the advantages of design from the external structure, the strong and sturdy engine, shaft and fast ink are suitable for both hair stroke and micro-blading. Light, neat, convenient for moving.
The lifespan of the machine is many times that of conventional machines at the same cost because of its special structure. The machine runs very smoothly, reducing noise, reducing stress for customers.
The machine runs super durable and stable, the machine is used to spray lips, spray eyebrows and eyelids, use long needles 1, 3, 5, 7. The tattoo injection machine with a sure needle tip electrically sharpens very quickly and accurately, in addition to adjusting the depth of the needle flexibly.

Machine warranty policy for customers

All lines of tattoo spraying machines sold have been properly tested.

Warranty for all machines when purchased at Hani tattoo spraying center.

Hani tattoo sprayer is specialized in distributing and supplying high-quality electrostatic injection tattoo machines with low prices, high quality, and prestige nationwide.

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