Makeup 3 Tattoo Ink

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  • Color: Lemon Yellow
  • Origin: Russia
  • Spray: Lips
  • Supporting, reducing darkening, lifting fresh lip color


  • Made and imported in Russia.
  • Makeup 3 lip spray tattoo ink spray does not contain lead, does not contain any harmful substances.
  • Completely 100% natural ingredients, is a safe, healthy and quality organic ink.
  • Assists in de-darkening, used in combination to lift the color of fresh lips.
  • Makeup 3, when applied on lips, will have a smooth, glossy and clear look.
  • Ink is suitable for all locations, not fussy about any type of lip skin.
    After peeling off color, it will bring natural lips
  • Ink is durable with time, after spraying, the ink will keep for a long time and very fresh.
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