4D Premade fans volume M & L Curl

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fan 4D curved M overcomes sagging eyes, sparse, straight lashes. Above all, when used, the worker also saves time to complete a set of lashes. Thereby, bringing satisfaction to customers, improving service quality.

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The 4D fan lash line is suitable for customers who like to own thick eyelashes. Accordingly, 4 lashes will share one leg, the spreading tops all bring a beautiful effect. At the same time, the customer's eyes also become more sparkling than ever.

This type of fan lashes is suitable for all customers when going to work, going out, partying, etc. There are many parameters of thickness and length to meet the needs of all brothers and sisters in the profession.


fan 4D curved M "cut the heart" of many customers by its sharp, delicate effect, improving the beauty effect. Moreover, the product line also effectively supports workers with the following uses and strengths:

Basic Specifications/Features 

Product's name

Fan 4D cong M


Soft Silk Eyelashes




8 to 15mm


0.07mm and 0.10mm



Number of lashes on fan

4 strands of equal length


  • Create thick eyelashes, overcome the condition of sparse eyelashes.
  • Improve the condition of straight eyelashes, bring back curled eyelashes.
  • Save time to complete the set of eyelashes for the worker.
  • The product effectively supports in the days when the shop is crowded, the demand for beauty increases dramatically.
  • Technical support for new workers, amateurs, professionals and do not know how to create fans.


  • creating fan is made of Silk material officially imported from Korea.
  • Fan lashes spread evenly, legs are tight, easy to catch glue.
  • No irritation to the client.
  • Each box has more than 1000 fans.
  • Return and exchange when the fan in the box is more than 30% defective.
  • Fan is contained in a plastic box, compact, easy to store.


  • Used for customers with drooping eyelids and sagging eyes.
  • Apply beauty to customers who want to improve thin, straight eyelashes.
  • The shelf life of fan is 1 year.
  • Always get the right amount of fans before eyelash extensions.
  • Hold all the fans' hands, get enough glue to ensure durability.

Storage instructions

  • When not in use, close the lid of the fan box carefully.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
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