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The tweezers are very light and sturdy; pointed tweezers help create high precision when separating eyelashes; Helping eyelash extensions save their skills when finding the right eyelash extensions.

Hani premium eyelash tweezers are made from stainless steel. The product possesses outstanding, luxurious, and classy bright yellow color. Tweezers.

 1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Hani premium eyelash tweezers are exclusively processed and distributed by Hani Beauty. Products made from stainless steel, the surface is meticulously processed, carefully processed.
Tweezers stand out with an impressive eye-shaped logo and the words Hani Lash and Brow are located at the tail of the tweezers. The body of the tweezers has the words "PROFESSIONAL VOLUME" that are easy to recognize.

1.2 Highlights

Hani premium eyelash tweezers are a traditional line of split tweezers that any eyelash in should buy for themselves.
Basic specifications / characteristics
Design: Light yellow product, light under 20g, ensuring no hand fatigue when manipulated for a long time.
Tweezers: pointed shape, easy to separate eyelashes.
Slope: Moderate, creating precise momentum.
Other features: good elasticity, accurate eyelash grip, convenient to manipulate.
Materials: Stainless steel.
Separate the eyelashes from the fan lashes during the stitching process.
Avoid tangling the eyelashes, affecting the beauty of the eyelashes after finishing.
Firm grip force, assisting eyeliner to manipulate accurately.
Firm, light tweezers, separate eyelashes easily.
Slope moderately, to avoid hand tremors leading to the wrong operation.
Anti-rust material, outstanding bright yellow color, class.
Long-lasting, good elasticity, not inert.
Tight tweezers nose, quick, standard eyelash removal.

2. Usage

Hold the tweezers firmly, relaxed posture. Make sure that the tweezers are tight, balanced for easy removal of eyelashes.
Use three fingers to hold the tweezers. Specifically, the index finger and thumb hold the tweezers. Use your middle and ring fingers to adjust the tweezers.
Take care to position the appropriate distance from the tip of the tweezers to ensure easy operation.
Clean tweezers properly after using.

3. Instructions for storage

For long-lasting eyelash tweezers, to avoid being skewed, difficult to manipulate, you should note:
Use the specialized towel/cotton swab after finishing extensions.
Avoid the tweezers in contact with water, humid environment causing rust.
Put the tweezers in the protective tray neatly, avoiding strong impact, bending, and damage to them.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who are Hani premium eyelash tweezers for?
Hani high-class eyelash tweezers are suitable for novice eyelashes, still not hard-handed. This is also a good choice for people with tremors.
What is the difference between eyelash tweezers and separators?
Both tweezers and eyelash separators are indispensable tools in the process of beautifying eyelids.
While eyelash tweezers have the role of separating the eyelash from the fan lashes to prepare for a better joining process. Then tweezers work to pick up the fake eyelash, dip it into the eyelash glue and connect with the real eyelashes.
In addition, Hani Beauty also offers many other preeminent eyelash extensions. Do not forget to connect with us for a more in-depth consultation!

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