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 Premium mink eyelash extensions single-colored $3.0 wink inc premium mink eyelash extensions single-colored are faux mink colored lashes. 100% real mink premium eyelash strip extensions compact 8 mm - 15 mm beauty 100% real mink premium eyelash strip extensions compact. They are lighter, yet they have a stunning dark gloss to the... Extensions can be natural! Just ask your lash artist, and they can give you the perfect natural look. Premium eyelash extensions and supplies for professional stunning before and after lash extensions. 


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Mi Iris curvature C, D- easy to use, cost saving
Iris eyelashes have a C, D curl with thickness parameters such as 0.07mm, 0.10mm. 0.15mm. The product is suitable for all skills as well as good service for the beauty needs of customers. Please read the article below to discover more useful information

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Iris eyelashes are imported in Korea with super black Mink lashes, super glue. Accordingly, the company Hani Beauty is the unit that directly distributes tools to the hands of you in the profession. Therefore, you can contact us to buy genuine products with the most reasonable price.

1.2 Highlights

Choosing Classic Hani Beauty lashes will not disappoint you with a variety of lines in thickness, length, curvature. Specifically:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Name - product code Mi Iris
Origin South Korea
Material Mink

C (curl 50 degrees): gives lashes more glamor so they are curled

D (60 degree curvature, outstanding curvature): for guests who like a lot of curves, giving a super impressive look

Length From 8 - 15mm

0.07: for guests who like natural style, super light, very weak lashes

0.10: for guests who like natural style, weak lashes

0.15: For European customers, like bold lashes, strong, strong lashes

Color Black


Bring a personality style, suitable for customers who often wear makeup
Create accents for the eyes, highlights on the entire face
Balance the customer's eyelid cut eyes
Used to connect more than 27 popular eyelash styles today
Lashes dedicated to Volume and Classic techniques


Mi has high elasticity
Good adhesive, long-lasting durability
Without eyelashes, easy to do, save time to finish
Does not need a thick joint, but also produces excellent density
International standard thickness, length, curvature specifications
New trends for domestic and foreign eyelash jobs

2. Usage

Prepare eyelashes Iris close at hand to proceed with eyelash extensions
Use tweezers to grab the body of the eyelash for the strongest force
Do not pick at the ends of the lashes as they easily break and break

3. Instructions for storage

Store Iris lashes in a dry environment
After using the remaining lashes should be stored in the tray
Avoid places with high temperature, rain and shine because your eyelashes are easily burned, rot and metamorphosed

4. Frequently asked questions

Who is Mi Iris suitable for?

Beginners who practice fan manipulation should use Iris lashes because of the soft, black, and fluffy lashes. At the same time, the product is also suitable for amateurs and professionals because it improves the speed of completion. Besides, you need to make sure your client's real eyelashes are strong.

How to clean the eyelash tray correctly?

Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the outside of the eyelash tray, the inside can be used by a dryer to blow away the dirt. Absolutely do not get water on the eyelashes and store the eyelash tray in a dry, cool place.

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