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Iris Lashes - a product dedicated to high-end services
High-grade Iris Lashes features super black, glue-catching, ranging in length from 8mm to 15mm. Moreover, the product is easy to make, with M and L curvature, which effectively supports all skills. At the same time, customers' lashes are also adorned with prominence and softness.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Premium Iris Lashes is imported in Korea and imported and distributed by Hani Beauty. This is the super black eyelash line with 10/10 on the scale voted by experts. Moreover, the product without eyelashes makes it easy for the worker to make and execute quickly.

1.2 Highlights

As the name suggests, high-end Iris lashes have many outstanding advantages. Because of this, many artists see this as a prerequisite choice. As follows:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Name - product code Premium Iris Eyelash
Origin South Korea
Material Mink lashes is soft, smooth, and smooth

Curvature M (70-degree curvature) is more beautiful than eyelashes

L curvature (80-degree curvature), the lash extensions have the greatest curvature, giving them a strong look

Length From 8 - 15mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Color Black


Used to create fans very quickly
Suitable for high-end extensions
Although thin jointed still has a density


Thanks to the special design, the lashes are not easily torn
You are smooth, fluffy
Black eyelashes 10/10
Easy to catch glue
No allergies
The eyelashes have a moderate gloss
Iris lashes connects more than 27 different types of eyelashes

2. Usage

Use tweezers to remove the line lashes out of the box
Arrange the lashes close within reach for easier access and faster work
Pick 1/2 of eyelashes to separate each eyelash line

3. Instructions for storage

Store Classic lashes in a dry environment
Store leftover lashes neatly in a plastic tray
Keep out of reach of CHILDREN

4. Frequently asked questions

Who is the premium Iris lashes for?

The premium Iris lashes is for customers who want thin connectivity while maintaining blackness. Each thin, light, smooth eyelash brings a comfortable feeling with a special highlight for the eyes. At the same time, the product specializes in connecting Volume and Classic for all skills.

Should fake eyelashes be placed above, left, bottom-up or top-down?

Any worker can place that side. The most important thing is to keep the base of the false eyelash and the base of the real eyelash to overlap. At the same time, when taking glue artisan must have dew drops to ensure durability.

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