Privacy Policy


Customer information is collected by Hani Beauty for internal use, not disclosed or shared with any other third parties (except some cases). By using Hani's service, you agree to comply with our customer information privacy policy.

  1. Information collection purpose

Customers' information that is collected through the website will help Hani Beauty perform activities to support customers, continuously improve and upgrade service quality to bring customer satisfaction. Specifically, Hani Beauty uses information collected by customers in order to:

  • Consulting and supporting according to specific requirements of customers about the service
  • Introducing new products, promotions to customers
  • Providing product and delivery information to customers
  • Measuring to continuously improve service quality of Hani Beauty


  1. Information collected by Hani Beauty

In order to experience the service at Hani Beauty, you need to register for an account and provide some personal information as follows

  • Customer's personal information such as name, age, gender, residential address, email, personal phone number, home phone number.
  • Information when accessing the website such as IP address, web browser type, visit time, address to which the browser accesses.
  • Transaction information when interacting with the website such as product purchase, delivery address, payment information

3.Personal information security

It is understood by Hani Beauty that personal information security is always your top concern when using the service at any business. Therefore, we are committed that all of your personal information will be kept as confidential as possible in any possible form. We hope that you will have a great experience with absolute confidence when using the service at Hani Beauty.


In exceptional cases, Hani Beauty will share customer information according to legal requirements of certain government agencies, in the remaining cases will be consulted by Hani Beauty and get your consent.

  • Hani Beauty also recommends that customers follow principles to protect their own information such as not disclosing login information, password to others, in any case of suspicion, contact us immediately for support.
  • Once you become a member of Hani Beauty, you can access and correct your personal information through personal information modification feature. Hani Beauty is not responsible for disclosed information at all.
  1. Using Cookie
  • Cookie is a text file that is placed on customer's hard disk by a web server. Each computer that can access the website of Hani Beauty will be assigned a different cookie.
  • Using Cookies helps to personalize and maximize customers' time to visit website without having to re-enter existing information.
  • Most browsers will automatically update cookies, if you don't like them you can have setting to refuse the use of cookies. Hani Beauty recommends that you accept cookies for the best experience.
  1. Privacy policy change
  • Hani Beauty reserves the right to change information about customer privacy policy at any time to suit the needs of Hani Beauty and customer feedback.
  • With any important information changed, Hani Beauty will send a notice to customers so that you can actively update quickly the latest terms.