Volume D Curl Lashes

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Double Fast Hani Beauty Lash Trays imported 100% from Korea. The product catches glue quickly, lightly, softly, creating eyes with depth, impression. Eyelashes are easy to separate, helping eyelash workers to operate quickly, accelerate and gain significant skills.

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1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Volume ready-made eyelashes are officially imported from Korea. The product is a line of mink false lashes that are light, supple, more durable than silk lashes many times.
Volume D Curl Lashes is currently distributed by Hani Beauty nationwide and shipped to the UK, Germany, France and Sweden,... The product contributes in no small way to creating a deep, impressive and personal window for your customers.

1.2 Outstanding Features

Mi Volume is a worthy choice you should prioritize because of the following basic characteristics:
Basic specifications/characteristics: 

Product name Volume D Curl Lashes Hani Beauty
Origin South Korea
Material Made from silk fibers, bringing softness, flexibility, real eyes.
D (60 degree curved, curved): for customers who want to curve a lot.
Length From 8 to 17m, there is an odd size.
Thickness 0.03: The type of lashes, thin, for customers with very weak eyelashes, prefers thick type.
0.05: Suitable for customers with medium lashes, prefer light, bold style.
0.20: Suitable for customers with strong lashes, like bold style, own personality style.
Colour Black


1.3 Uses

  1. Used to connect the eyelashes with the technique of 2 or more false eyelashes connected to a real eyelashes.
  2. Create an effect for large, round, balanced, attractive, impressive eyes.
  3. The thickness is smaller than other types of eyelashes, avoiding the phenomenon of heavy eyes, collapse, difficulty seeing.

1.4 Strengths

  • 100% imported from Korea.
  • Catch glue quickly, hypoallergenic.
  • Soft, natural, increases attractiveness, real eyes.

2. Usage


  1. Clean your face and eye area before your eyelash extensions.
  2. Use eye-glued tape to avoid glue that stings the eyes.
  3. To make tweezers remove from 1/3 to 1/4 of the false eyelashes to avoid the phenomenon of tweezers entangled eyelashes is difficult to insert. Conversely, if you break your head easily, your hand force is uncertain.
  4. Insert the false eyelashes into the base of the real eyelashes, at least 0.5-1mm from the legs.

3. Storage guidelines

  • Store false eyelashes in a dry environment.
  • Keep the leftover eyelashes just short in the plastic tray.
  • Avoid shoving, strong impact affecting your fans.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Volume D Curl Lashes suitable for a person with one eyelid?

Mi Volume creates an effect that makes the eyes bigger and more balanced. Therefore, this is the right choice for one eyelid. However, you should be balanced to have the right thickness, curvature, length of the eyelashes to help the face more natural, attractive.

What types of eyelashes does Hani Beauty offer?

Hani Beauty also offers a variety of mink false eyelashes with super light, supple properties, not causing heavy eyes. The product ensures absolute safety, affordable price is very suitable for you to experience and explore.

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