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Volume Eyelash Tweezers have silver roughness on the surface, tight to help grip more eyelashes, make mega volume fans

Volume Diamond Eyelash Extension Tweezers possess high-tight, silver-blasted tweezers. Thanks to that, the process of catching eyelashes, grabbing eyelashes accurately, helps the eyelash worker to operate significantly more conveniently.

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1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Volume Diamond Eyelash Extension Tweezers are products imported from the Middle East and distributed exclusively by Hani Beauty. Tweezers are made from a standard alloy with a sophisticated silver matte surface.
The tweezer's body is imprinted with the word ‘VOLUME’ as an affirmation that this is a “gift” for the eyelash worker to create a classy, ​​impressive, natural eyelash style that is so irresistible.

1.2 Highlights

With the following pluses, Volume Diamond Eyeliner Tweezers will be the choice to help you "up a hand" in everyday viewing:
Basic specifications / characteristics
Design: Small, thin, light tweezers, firm grip. Weightless than 20g, does not cause fatigue when using.
Tweezers: slightly curved, moderate slope, creating favorable conditions for eyelash workers to operate more conveniently.
Other features: good elasticity, accurate eyelash catch.
Materials: Stainless steel.
Works to pick up the eyelashes, dip them into the tray of glue, connect with the real eyelashes.
Helping the eyelash worker to get the eyelashes from fans easily, avoid making the eyelashes deviate during the connection process.
Volume extensions quickly.
Easily create fan eyelashes with many forms such as tweezer fan, fan hand, fan reap, fan set, fan shake ...
Tweezers are handcrafted by Middle Eastern craftsmen with extensive experience in manufacturing.
The product is light, thin, strong, effectively avoiding hand fatigue.
Delicate machining tweezers, good rust resistance, easy to clean.
High tightness, outstanding elasticity, admirable durability.

2. Usage

Hold the tweezers firmly, relaxed posture. Make sure that the tweezers are tight, balanced for easy removal of eyelashes.
Use three fingers to hold the tweezers. Specifically, the index finger and thumb hold the tweezers. Use your middle and ring fingers to adjust the tweezers.
Take care to position the appropriate distance from the tip of the tweezers to ensure easy operation.
Clean tweezers properly after using.

3. Instructions for storage

For long-lasting eyelash tweezers, to avoid being skewed, difficult to manipulate, you should note:
Use the specialized towel/cotton swab after finishing extensions.
Avoid the tweezers in contact with water, humid environment causing rust.
Put the tweezers in the protective tray neatly, avoiding strong impact, bending, and damage to them.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who are Volume Diamond eyelash extensions suitable for?
Volume Diamond Eyeliner Tweezers are suitable for Volume Eyeliner. The product is suitable for both novice and experienced "master".
Why do Volume Diamond tweezers have silver on the top?
Silver roughening at the tip of the tweezers helps the tool to stick to more lashes. So you can easily create as many Megavolume as you like with this line.
In addition, please connect with Hani Beauty for more valuable advice on eyelash extensions when you need them!

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