Volume Lash Extensions thickness easy fan volume lashes

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Volume Lashes of Hani Beauty brand imported 100% from Korea. The product is fast, light, soft and creates deep, impressive eyes. The lashes are easy to separate, helping the eyelash worker to work quickly, speed up and increase skills significantly.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Volume ready eyelashes are imported from Korea through official channel. The product is a mink line that is light, supple, and more durable than silk eyelashes many times.
Volume lashes is currently distributed across the country by Hani Beauty and ships to the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, ... The product contributes significantly to creating a deep, impressive and personality window for customers. your.

1.2 Highlights

Volume lashes is a worthy choice you should prioritize because of the following basic features:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Product's name Eyelashes volume
Origin South Korea
Material Made from silk, bringing soft, flexible, real eye.

C (50 degree curvature): for guests who prefer medium curvature.

D (60 degree curvature, outstanding curvature): for customers who want to bend a lot.

Length From 8 - 15m, with odd size.

0.03: Lashes, thin, for customers with very weak lashes, prefer thick.

0.05: Suitable for customers with medium lashes, prefer a light, bold style.

0.07: Suitable for customers with strong lashes, likes bold style, possesses personality style.




Used to connect eyelashes with the technique of 2 or more fake lashes attached to a real eyelash.
Create effects for eyes big, round, balanced, attractive, impressive.
The thickness is smaller than other lashes, avoiding heavy, drooping and difficult eyes.


100% imported from Korea.
Quick glue, hypoallergenic.
Soft, natural, attractive, eye-catching.

2. Usage

Clean face and eye area well before applying eyelashes.
Use duct tape to avoid stinging your eyes.
To tweezers, pick from 1/3 to 1/4 of the eyelashes to avoid the nose tweezers that are stuck on eyelashes, it is difficult to insert the eyelashes. Conversely, if you pull away and easily break the ends of the eyelashes, the arm strength is not certain
Put fake eyelashes connected to the legs of real eyelashes, at least 0.5-1mm away from the legs.

3. Instructions for storage

Store fake lashes in a dry environment.
Keep excess lashes neatly in the plastic tray.
Avoid the deviation, strong impact affecting the fan mi.

4. Frequently asked questions

Is Volume lashes suitable for people with single eyelids?

Volume lashes creates an effect that makes eyes bigger and more balanced. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for monolids. However, you should be balanced to have the right thickness, curvature, and length of the eyelashes to make your face more natural and attractive.

What types of eyelashes does Hani Beauty also provide?

Hani Beauty also offers a variety of Mink eyelashes that are super light, supple, and do not cause heavy eyes. Absolutely safe, affordable products are very suitable for you to experience and explore.

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