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Winny eyelashes - unique and strange 6D texture bring a new beauty trend
Winny eyelashes with special 6D texture with the same length from 8- 12m, the curvature of C, D. With the advantages of catching glue, smooth, smooth black, the product has effectively supported all workmanship. If you want to learn more useful information, please take time to read the article immediately

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Winny's eyelashes come from Korea with a prominent Y shape. This is a product imported and distributed exclusively by Hani Beauty Company in Vietnam. Therefore, you can buy hot eyelashes at affordable prices.

1.2 Highlights

Choosing Winny eyelashes provided by Hani Beauty will not disappoint you with a variety of lines in thickness, length, curvature. Specifically:
Basic specifications / characteristics
Name - product code Winny Eyelashes
Origin South Korea
Material Mi Mink

C (50-degree curvature): for guests who prefer medium curvature.

D (60-degree curvature, outstanding curvature): for guests who like to curl much.

Length From 8 - 12mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Color Black

1.3 Uses

Bring a new service to your beauty salon
No need to create fans, save time
Meet the beauty needs of customers well

1.4 Strength

Material black eyelashes, beautiful, eye-catching, textured eyelashes 6D
Easy to do without eyelashes, line lashes are definitely easy to get
Good adhesion should ensure durability
Does not cause irritation to customers
Each tray has 12 long-lasting lashes
Save time on implementation because of black eyelashes, fast full eyelashes
Varied curvature suitable for each customer

2. Usage

Lift 1/3 of the eyelash from the leg up
Gently use the tweezers to separate each lash cluster from the lash line
Dab the glue on the dewdrop eyelashes to ensure durability

3. Instructions for storage

Store Winy lashes in a dry environment
Store leftover lashes neatly in a plastic tray
Keep out of reach of children, away from low humidity, high temperature

4. Frequently asked questions

Winny's eyelashes are suitable for customers like?

When using Winny's eyelashes, make sure the customer's real eyelashes are strong and strong. Because this product is not for thin, weak lashes, if applied, it will cause lashes to tilt. At the same time, it has not brought the expected beauty effect.

How to get glue for Winny's eyelashes needs to be noticed?

In fact, every time we glue we need to let the dewdrop settle on the base of the eyelashes. However, for new Winny eyelashes, you must get a moderate amount of glue. Accordingly, the dew that collects on the eyelashes is not too large because this type of lashes naturally has large legs.

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