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Wispy 5D eyelashes- super hot products, not bought yet will regret!
Wispy lashes are made of thin and light Mink material with international standards. Specifically, the length is from 8- 15mm, curvature C, D, and thickness are 0.07mm. Therefore, this has become a product sought by many brothers and sisters in the profession.

1. Wispy lashes product information

1.1 Origin

Wispy lashes are produced directly by the Hani Beauty company and supplied domestically and worldwide. With Mink material selected with the correct technical standard implementation process. Therefore, products to the brothers and sisters in the profession ensure good quality, reasonable price.

1.2 Highlights

Choosing Wispy Hani Beauty eyelashes will not disappoint you with a variety of lines in thickness, length, curvature. Specifically:
Basic specifications / characteristics

Name - product code Wispy Eyelashes
Producer Hani Beauty
Material Mink

C (50-degree curvature): for guests who prefer a medium curvature

D (60-degree curvature, outstanding curvature): for guests who like to curl much

Length From 8 - 15mm
Thickness 0.07mm


1.3 Uses of Wispy lashes

Save time for novices or professionals
Easily choose the right parameters for each customer
Increase professionalism for brothers and sisters in the profession
Meet the beauty needs of customers well

1.4 Strength - Katun eyelash extensions

The popular eyelash line in foreign countries
Creates a sharp beauty for lashes
Soft, smooth eyelash material
Quality products have been exported to many countries
Each box has 07 lines of eyelashes, the distance of each eyelash is reasonable, easy to take, easy to use
Compact, easy to carry

2. Usage

Using tweezers to grab the legs of the lashes will be more secure
Failure to pick at the body and tip of the eyelashes can easily damage the lashes and break the lids
Practicing a lot will have a quick and neat operation

3. Instructions for storage

Storing Wispy lashes in a dry environment can last for more than a year
Store leftover lashes neatly in a plastic tray
Not applying strong force will cause the line of lashes to tear

4. Frequently asked questions

What techniques are Wispy Lashes suitable for?

Wispy eyelash line is suitable for connecting Wispy eyelashes, connecting Katun, connecting design eyelashes. The result after completion is a sharp effect, the customer's eyes have a special highlight.

What is special about the Mink material that makes the Wispy?

Mink eyelash material will be produced thick and black, creating accents for the face. At the same time, customers with healthy lashes of any age can use this type of lashes. At the same time, the Mink eyelash extension technique will be many times simpler than other types.


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